Online Payments

Welcome to the Online Payment program for the Chillicothe Municipal Court. On this page, you will find information on what payments are eligible to be paid through this site, as well as other important details.

We hope you find convenience in this feature.

Payment of Citation Without Court Appearance (Waivers)

Certain traffic and criminal citations may be resolved without appearing in Court by simply paying the waiver prior to your court date. This date is listed at the bottom of your citation or can be accessed through the Docket Search tab on our website. A waiver must be paid in full. No partial payment will be accepted. By paying a waiver, you are pleading “guilty” to all charges listed on the citation and waiving your right to a trial.

Multiple Violations on Citation

Citations can contain multiple charges. For instance, you may be cited for speeding, and for failure to use a turn signal. The result of your search will display all charges relevant to that search. Those charges will be listed with a letter following the case number. (Ex. TRD8800001-A, TRD8800001-B, etc.). If you are paying to waive your court appearance, make sure you pay all charges associated with your citation.

Proof of Insurance

The State of Ohio requires that you show proof of insurance while operating a motor vehicle. If you have complied with this requirement, your traffic citation will indicate “Yes” under Financial Responsibility Proof? and no further action is required. If you did not show proof, you will be contacted by the Ohio BMV and required to provide proof at that time. DO NOT SEND PROOF OF INSURANCE TO THE COURT AFTER YOU HAVE MADE PAYMENT.

Citations That Do Not Qualify For Waiver

If your appearance in court is mandatory, or if your traffic citation reads, “Personal Appearance Required Yes”. Your citation cannot be paid online.

Payment of Fine/Costs

If you appeared in court, and were ordered by the judge to pay a fine and/or court costs, you may be eligible to pay online. In most cases, you have 30 days to pay the fine and costs. If you are unable to locate your case using the search feature, please contact the Court for assistance.

Final Authorization

This secure site utilizes encryption technology, and every precaution has been taken to reduce the possibility of unauthorized access to your private information while it is transferred over the internet. By submitting your information to request online payment, you are acknowledging that neither the Chillicothe Municipal Court, the Clerk of the Chillicothe Municipal Court, nor the City of Chillicothe assumes any liability for data submitted via this site. (Please read our Legal Disclaimer).

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